Two poems by Tianna G. Hansen


the faster you heal, the closer it gets, B.
I bloodlet and track how fast the tissue heals
shooting wolfsbane into my bloodstream
like an addict, purple poison. soon it will come
for me, no matter where I hide. it finds me
in the sanitarium, it finds me in the woods.
I need to keep shooting wolfsbane in my veins
or else I will turn into the beastly other
which claimed my sister—she haunts me
appears to remind me just how bad it’s going
to get. my notebook fills with marks, how fast
the self-inflicted wounds begin to mend
how much of my humanity remains before
it will be too late, just like Ginger. before
I must embrace that wolf inside me
and set it free.

[Note: this poem is inspired by Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed, 2004]



kick a hole in the sky

could they see the forest
in her eyes, the shadow
of her pelt?

an outsider, unwanted

I can run with the night
and catch the dawn.
I can kick a hole in the sky.

the forest a wild thing

red slashed into the dark—
eyes, blood.


through pooled moonlight
by ritual, sacrifice,

abandon knives of flint

use teeth / beast within
subject to the Moon

more than human.

[Note: this is a found poem; source of text: Klause, Annette C. Blood and Chocolate. New York: Delacorte Press, 1997. Print.]


Tianna G. Hansen has always been a poet at heart, though she studied fiction and dabbles in creative nonfiction. In human form she runs Rhythm & Bones Press (, giving space to those with trauma turned to art. Find more of her work at or follow her and her wolf writings on Twitter @tiannag92.

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