Three poems by Tianna Hansen

A Vessel for the World’s Passion

feel your fingers grip skin
teeth bite my bare shoulder
indent my flesh, leave your mark
do not be gentle, unleash your inner desire
to conquer on my swollen wetness, leave me
sore and wanting, begging on my knees for
another drop of love to swallow whole.
release inside my mouth, linger on my tongue
thick honey to soothe my throat, sore from screaming
love declarations & holy sacraments laid at your altar
perform this worship on my body, cover me with your
warm salty essence, let me drown beneath you.
show me the goddess you see as you touch my flesh
towering beauty captivating your mind, I am
temptation incarnate.

Dripping Honey

between my legs / a garden grows /
moist and soft / full of vibrant life
my pussy is a beehive / dripping honey
and men / their tongues extended
crawling on the ground / beneath me
begging for a drop / begging for a taste /
to suckle this sweetness / from between my legs
consume my love potion / and become
captivated / in the sight of me
in the smell and taste / the heat
of that budding / beehive /
buzzing constant / with electric lust.

Army of Women

I became a woman once I bled
once I ached deep in my womb,
trembled throughout my bones.
my fight for retribution ended the same:
with blood trickling down my legs, unbidden
like scarlet lace tracing the origin of
my aching, absorbing wounds into the
earthen grip of mud, feet rooted beneath
the soils and becoming one with a forest of
ancient trees, arms outstretched as limbs
and hair no more than leaves and
winding serpents. we turn men to stone
with a single glance in our eyes, melt
down from our waxen poses to become
something other than stiff sculptures
perfected by shaking hands. stand
rigid, refuse to fall as we guard our
earth mother eternal and lead our
daughters along the winding forest path,
a trail of dead leaves & peeled bark-skins
shed from our naked bodies. we will be
gathered, stripped bark and pulp
circled around each other worshipping
each woven night, worshipping
the moon. whole in every phase.



Tianna G. Hansen has been writing her whole life. She recently released her debut poetry collection Undone, Still Whole (APEP Publications), focused on overcoming trauma and reclaiming her body. Her three-poet collaboration A Victorian Dollhousing Ceremony, a dark fantasy poetic opera about the facets of trauma, just released. Tianna is the founder and editor-in-chief of Rhythm & Bones Press. Find more of her work at, follow her: IG @tgghansen24, TW @tiannag92, FB @tiannaghansen.

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