Leftovers are by Frank Karioris

Leftovers are

Leftovers are, as I’ve said before,
one of the great joys of life.

Anyone who can’t see this, doesn’t
know the dictum: soup is always better the second day.

The power of food to move, mold, and make
us is best displayed in day-old bread

made into croutons, or breadcrumbs;
or the way that cake get ever so slightly crispy;

the cheddar goes a shade of darker white and hardens,
crunching down in beautiful tones.

The made-to-order-ness of a meal put together from parts,
the order of palettes is challenged in that moment.

Frank G. Karioris (he/they/him/them) is a writer and educator based in Pittsburgh whose writing addresses issues of friendship, masculinity, sexuality, and gender. Their work has appeared in wide ranging publications, including the Hong Kong Review of Books, Burning House Press, Truth-Out, Maudlin House, and the Berlin Review of Books.

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