Like A Truce by Tianna Hansen

Like a Truce

Backstage blindfolded trust exercise
fall back, he says. Throw your arms to
each side and release —free fall.
Expect to hit the floor, lead ballerina
posed behind you, chocolate eyes,
smirk as she lets you tumble…
but you teeter back and she meets you
open arms like a truce, catching you.
She lifts you in her arms, this flaming
phoenix, magnificent, and you feel
as if you could fly. You feel as if you
can soar. Admiration from the start
destined for friendship or more,
you turn to her, remove blindfold
and look into her eyes, smiling at this
woman glistening before you.
Wrap thin arms around her, whisper
let’s call it a truce— trusting
she will catch you again.
Pull her to the dressing room
and say, can we be friends
abusive pasts we now share
secret keepers, confidants,
she extends her arms, an offering.
fold into her breast, feel tears
well into your eyes and you are
again that little girl, staring up at her,
smell of smoke wrapped in hair,
adorned in silken charred nightgown
wanting nothing more than to find
friendship, everlasting. Wanting
nothing more than to find a light
amidst all this darkness.


Tianna G. Hansen has been writing her whole life, specializing in poetry and creative nonfiction with a sprinkling of fiction mixed in. You can find her published work on or check her out on Twitter @tiannag92. She founded Rhythm & Bones Press in June 2018 and continues to work for progressing the idea of turning trauma into art, which is what much of her work focuses around. Find them at or on Twitter @RhythmBonesLit

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