Three poems by Adrian Ernesto Cepeda

When Rosa Exhales Me

Sitting so near, we matched
in the dark, Rosa made it seem
like our tiny spark would never
go out and we could relight us—
all the times we glared at each
other, she… waiting for me but
despite the flame that kept torching
from inside, outside on our wall
I couldn’t make the move, she
craved. While lighting new
cigarettes hand-rolled in my presence,
I loved the way Rosa’s eyes lit up
always undressing, her most
wishful skin leaning over softly
revealing even more while letting
down her hair, Her way of teasing—
Rosa sinfully passing smokes
with fingers untouched. Some nights
I am still fiery on that wall, I picture
Rosa effortlessly exhaling me
from the side of her lips, past
crickets simmering, I am always
the one blinking back, and she, still
reaches with her hungriest eyelashes.


Anaïs Nin Invites Me

Although I am the one
holding her volume,
Nin knows how to read
me, she loves stroking
my senses while taking me
on every page, she unzips
my attention with each
elongated sentence, Anaïs
flashes the most curvaceous
body paragraphs, with chapter
legs that go on forever, every
line from lips that spread
tempting text like flesh
I repeat, she tantalizes my mind.
seducing with every word I feel
her devouring voice, I must
confess, my Delta, my Venus
knows how to read me wanting
to explore so much more volume,
clinging unfinished Nin takes over
my mind, slipping off the book
cover, articulating tongues… so
inviting Anaïs loves to leave me—
afterword, gripping beyond her spine.


She Loves to Feel Every Scar

Like grooves
on a record,
but these sizzle
not with feedback
of tremolos, each one
are self-created calls,
and responses etched
by needles, not looking
for sounds on vinyl
but seeking out verses,
refrains oozing with cuts
that seep inside reverbing
through her stockings, always
passing the skin, leaving
scratches in the same place—
when the needle glides
over these spiraling moods
stinging spins, pulsating
again, from riffs
surfacing deep
every cut feels like
a gift, no matter
how brief the blistering
her blood surrounds,
addicted to the quivers—
each release hooks her
skin, reverberating like speakers,
always scratching on repeat.


Adrian Ernesto Cepeda is the author of the full-length poetry collection Flashbacks & Verses… Becoming Attractions from Unsolicited Press and the poetry chapbook So Many Flowers, So Little Time from Red Mare Press.

His poetry has been featured in The Yellow Chair Review,poeticdiversity, The Wild Word, The Fem, Rigorous, Palette Poetry and Lunch Ticket’s Special Issue: Celebrating 20 Years of Antioch University Los Angeles MFA in Creative Writing.

One of his poems was named the winner of Subterranean Blue Poetry’s 2016 “The Children of Orpheus” Anthology Contest and two of his poems “Buzz Me” and “Estranged Fruit” were nominated for Best of the Net in 2015 and 2016.

Adrian is an LA Poet who has a BA from the University of Texas at San Antonio and he is also a graduate of the MFA program at Antioch University in Los Angeles where he lives with his wife and their cat Woody Gold. You can connect with Adrian on his website: http://www.adrianerne

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