A Sound Inside by Bridgette Gallagher, from Issue #4

a sound inside

a funny decibel
this sound
of becoming a mess
someone mocked many times before

a heart’s plea
of settling down
while I boil inside a bit

an interesting contour
the outline of a downfall
of not a person but a family
who has not made a mark

artists of failure
and fearers of domesticity
but also makers of chaos
this pair of we

a friend to no one
though trying

so bitterly

an account of nothing
just a laundry list of life
a montage of fragmented hope
and lost tempers

a funny conclusion
this goodbye
no cup of coffee
or tight hug next to the car
just a feeling of emptiness
that pervades
a home

(Appeared in Issue #4 of Chantarelle’s Notebook)

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