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Poets and Poetry Groups

Quick And Dirty Poets Homepage - South Jersey Poetry Group
Kendall Bell's Homepage - Features a Poem Of The Week and much more.
Guerilla Poetics Project - An interesting idea. See for yourself.
Pathetic - A community for poets and poetry enthusiassts alike.

Poetry Journals

Wicked Alice - Online journal run by poet Kristy Bowen.
The Barefoot Muse - Online journal accepting only formal, metrrical poetry.
Thick With Conviction - Another fine poetry journal.
Shit Creek Review - A more eclectic online journal.
Flutter Poetry Journal - A fine and elegant looking journal.
Edison Literary Review - NJ print journal with poets from around the world.
Drown In My Own Fears -  A small and interesting journal focused around the human condition.
Ken*Again - Presenting a hearty, eclectic mix of prosee, poetry, art and photography.
Chaotic Dreams - An interesting little 'zine.
Word Riot - Good writing. No remorse.
The Centrifugal Eye - Your online journal for contemporary poetry and reviews.
The Cerebral Catalyst - Keeping the Internet literate since 2003.
Hecale - A portal for writers.

Poetry Resources

Published.com - The Free Directory Of Independent Writers & Artists
Poetry SuperHighway - Journal Listings, Featured Poets and much more.
Shadowpoetry.com - A World Of Poetry At Your Fingertips
Puddin'head Press - Publishers of poetry books and chapbooks based in Chicago.
Duotrope's Digest - A place to find publishers and track your own submissions.
Rattlesnake Press - Poetry with fangs.

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