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Featured Poet - Charles Joseph

Charles Joseph lives and writes deep in the heart of New Jersey. Peppered by a battery of life experiences—good, great, bad, and worse—he is the author of NO OUTLET (a novel), a number of poetry chapbooks that have been well received, and Chameleon Omnibus Unum 2012-2016 a collection of poems and stories. His poems, short stories, and creative non-fiction have appeared in various literary journals and online magazines. Visit him at www.charlesjosephlit.com

Poems by Charles Joseph
Red Herring 

She was white
and he was black

and as the crowd
swarmed around them 

all were ready for
a great game of chess.

#1 for the Peanut Gallery 

They want me to write 
sad sack poems 
which I do sometimes,
but I’d rather just take it 
word by word 
and find what rings true.

Believe me, it’s better that way 
for both of us, I will always be 
much less boring that way 
for both of us. 

But just to make you feel like 
you haven’t been wasting your time 
HERE or ON ME, here’s two sad facts:

Jesus wept, and so have I. 

50 Shades of Go Fuck Yourself

She hated my coffee table 
and my deodorant 

complained about my shirts, 
jeans, and shoes, 

then she told me 
she liked my poems

and I wanted to believe her 
but I knew it was a lie

because even I don't like
my poems (that much)

she was just trying to get me 
to lick her boots 

but I wouldn't do it
so she vanished—poof—

and here I am writing
beside my coffee table

wearing the same deodorant 
the same shirt, jeans, and shoes 

while the floorboards weep 
beneath the burning embers 

of another failed attempt 
to control me.

Magic Eight Ball 

Perhaps if I drink 
the water inside of it 
I can think about 
something other than
my fear of the future.

Good News 
for Kendall A. Bell 

They say you never 
feel more alive 

until right before
your last breath

so chin up buckaroos
because that means 

we all have something
to look forward to.


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